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If you’re here, you’re probably brand new to microscope use and looking for some advice. No problem! That’s why I’m here!

So here are some microscope basics to get you started–as well as a few tips and tricks to avoid some common pitfalls when searching for your first microscope. Key terms will be underlined, and can be found in the glossary of terms if not fully understood or forgotten. If you’re completely unfamiliar with microscopes, giving a read over some terms may help, so you can click Glossary to head to there in a new window as you read along.

Who said this isn’t school? We’re here to learn after all! If you’re more knowledgeable about microscopy, or more interested in checking out what I recommend (or what to watch out for) you can get started at the Categories section, or on the right of this page, or simply scroll down to see what’s new.

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Best Digital Compound Microscopes 2015 – Top 5 Holiday Shopping Guide

In continuing our “Best Microscopes of 2015 Holiday Shopping Guide,” today, we’re delving into the favorite of those of you who are tech savvy. We’re looking at which are the best digital compound microscopes for your favorite microscope lover in 2015!

Don’t by shy, and come on in! We’re covering Omax microscopes, AmScope microscopes, Levenhuk microscopes, National Optical microscopes, and Celestron microscopes–5 brands, one battle for microscope superiority. While this isn’t an official “Battle of the Microscopes” post, this top 5 best digital compound microscope comparison list will help keep your shopping quick and easy by comparing Omax vs. AmScope vs. Levenhuk vs. National Optical vs. Celestron!

It’s a microscope battle royale!

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Best Digital Handheld Microscopes 2015 – Holiday Shopping Guide

digital handheld microscope levenhuk dtx 500 mobi

Digital handheld microscopes are a unique and new player in the microscopy field. While they’re not compound microscopes, some can view slides with a degree of detail (although an optical compound microscope is still your best bet when it comes to viewing slides), and they’re also not quite stereo microscopes (although they are intended to view the surface of opaque samples for the most part, just like a stereomicroscope would). Neither here nor there, they’re sort of the jack of all trades, master of none.

The great news about digital handheld microscopes is they are often inexpensive for the quality they provide, and are quite universal in use, so they’re great for younger audiences who might not know exactly what they want to view in a microscope. Not knowing what application they want a microscope for makes picking between stereomicroscope and compound microscope quite difficult, so these are a great way to break into microscopy without breaking the piggy bank!

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15 Answers for Common Microscope Newbie Questions 2015

Student with compound microscope

If you’re new to microscopy, this list is an excellent place to start before you hunt for a microscope. Below we at MicroscopeGenius.com have compiled a list of the 15 questions we are most commonly asked when one who is new to microscopes begins taking an interest and shopping for one.

Whether microscope newbie, novice, hobbyist, enthusiast, or professional, be sure to give this a read before you start looking for a new microscope (or, if any new microscope users or interested parties ask you these, send them here to save yourself some time explaining!)

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Top 5 Mistakes When Buying a Microscope

common mistakes when buying a microscope

We at MicroscopeGenius.com have spent a great deal of time talking about what you want to have in a microscope, and how to pick one, however, we haven’t spent much time talking about mistakes when buying a microscope that can lead you to lots of headache in returns and repurchases.

Here’s your chance to get to know potential pitfalls before we go into the holiday shopping season! Today we’re going to cover…

  1. Picking the wrong type of microscope
  2. Over expectation of the microscope at a given price point
  3. Not knowing (or learning) microscopy basics
  4. Not “future proofing” their microscope purchase
  5. Not asking the right questions about the microscope

Let’s dive right in!

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The MicroscopeGenius Store is Officially Open!

compound microscope levenhuk 2l ng

As some of you may have noted, MicroscopeGenius.com has officially reimagined our MicroscopeGenius Store, and are now officially open for business!

We now have partnered as a dealer with a relative newcomer to the microscope market (but long time heavy in the telescope market), Levenhuk, to carry their microscopes and accessories, and may be adding more in the future, should we locate and review other microscope brands that meet our quality standards! Pretty exciting stuff!

Our “About Us” page has been updated (particularly our Objectivity Disclaimer), and we will, as always, continue to ensure that the information we provide in our reviews remains completely objective and unbiased. Our mission is to inform, educate, and promote scientific inquiry in all regardless of social or economic standing in life,and we will not stray in completing our mission. We will continue to review your favorite AmScope, Omax, Celestron, Levenhuk, Motic, and other lesser known name brands as well, with the same objectivity that we have promised you, our valued readers, since day one. If concerned, please feel free to check out the About Us page in it’s current form, or simply send us a message! We will be happy to discuss!

The “Store” link has been updated to our new store interface, which is sorted by category or by filter on the right sidebar with a number of attributes and categories to filter through. Please stop by if you are considering a microscope for this upcoming holiday season!

(But be sure place your order 1-2 weeks in advance, as all microscope suppliers and dealers get absolutely SWAMPED with orders in late November/December, and cannot guarantee delivery by the holiday if you wait until last minute!)

As a “Grand Opening” special, we are running free shipping to the continental U.S. (sorry Hawaii & Alaska!) for orders of $74.95 or higher. We process payments via credit/debit card through PayPal, as well as PayPal payments, so you can be sure that your information is safe with us. Sales tax is only charged to Florida and California residents at this time.

Sure, the number for free shipping is a little odd, but it just so happens that our latest reviewed Levenhuk student compound microscope, the Levenhuk 2L NG (in any offered color you desire), a pack 50 of blank slides, and a pack of 100 cover slips (the exact 3 items you need to get started right out of the box today, or the perfect gift package) just so happen to total to exactly $74.95! Crazy how that happens, right? 😉

Anyhow, thank you all for reading and supporting us here at MicroscopeGenius.com throughout the years! We hope to continue to be your top choice as a source for lesser known microscope name brand reviews, information, and microscopy education, as well as your #1 supplier of quality microscope instruments and equipment that will not break your bank!

P.S: Stay tuned for an announcement about our new MicroscopeGenius.com t-shirts, and how you can win one for yourself!